Hi-Tech Engine: PGO develops a new generation engine with SMART CONTROLLED ENGINE SYSTEM to save fuel
consumption and raise the motive force. This engine also adopts superior NASA aluminum alloy piston to create 10.1
horse powers. 

Aerodynamic & Eco-friendly


BON 125 uses aerodynamics to design the body shape and also equips 
“Shark Skin” design with PGO patent to raise the stability during high speed riding. 
Avant-garde shape:
The body structure is designed by “Lap Link” method created by PGO engineers. Each details
of scooter can be sustained the test. BON is full of three-dimensional, structured and smooth
lines, as if the combination of art and technology, the whole scooter appear the avant-garde

Suspension system
Enhance the structure of chassis to raise the stability of riding. The thickness of its body pipe
is 15% more than same class scooters. 

Center stand
PGO engineers devote to create lightest center stand structure, even single
hand can park the scooter well. 
The length and thickness of seat is better than same class scooters. We devote to provide
more comfortable riding posture to our customers.  

Adopt “idle stop” system to reduce the emission of CO, HC and CO2 and increase 10%
more efficiency of fuel consumption. In the same time, PGO has a patent of “headlight control
device” to manage the energy consumption and make sure the life cycle of battery and bulb. 
Digital Speedometer
"Shark Skin" Design