PGO developed a new engine which carries Smart Controlled Engine System. based on riders’ needs, the system can calculate the fuel injection precisely and help optimize fuel consumption. This engine is also equipped with aluminum alloys piston which allows it provide maximum 10.1 horse power.




In order to provide excellent riding experience, PGO applied the principles of Aerodynamics for designing the model of BON125 which can help decrease the wind resistance. 

Avant-garde shape:

The body structure is designed by “Lap Link” method created by PGO engineers. Each details

of scooter can be sustained the test. BON is full of three-dimensional, structured and smooth

lines, as if the combination of art and technology, the whole scooter appear the avant-garde


Suspension system

Enhance the structure of chassis to raise the stability of riding. The thickness of its body pipe

is 15% more than same class scooters. 

Center stand

To consider that some riders have less strength, PGO uses exclusive technology to invent this Easy-To-Use Center Stand. With this innovative Center Stand, riders can set scooters easily. 



The length and thickness of seat is better than same class scooters. We devote to provide

more comfortable riding posture to our customers.  



In 2015, PGO released the all new Stop and GO system and integrated it into BOSCH ECU. This system can control start-stop timing precisely to reduce emission of CO, HC, and CO2. Moreover, it can decrease 10% fuel consumption. In order to protect longevity of battery and bulb, PGO also patented an all new function which is called “headlight control device” to manage energy consumption.


STOP & GO system



PGO obtained a patent “Shark Skin”, which helps increase stability when riding at a high speed.