Beautiful Shape




Robust oil-cooling engine



J-BUBU equips the 4V engine with oil-cooling system and “Robust Cooling Technology”. Use the BOSCH new generation injection system that let the horse power lead 30% over others in the same level, with 5,000rpm can perform over 90% torque, performing as 125c.c. as it does. Even in the high standard with fuel consumption and pollution.



The most consumable of engine is piston, the more durable of piston, the longer of engine longevity, with double strength NASA aluminum alloy piston is developed by NASA, it can increase the engine life, meanwhile deal with problem such as noise、vibration while engine is running.



ABS system ( Option )



Anti-Lock Braking System is the BOSCH GENERATION 9.1 for motorcycle, it’s much smaller and lighter than previous version, but more reliable. With 16 bits small control system, it can calculate wheel rpm 100 times per second. This technology can be applied to every urgent situation, preventing and facing any road status and weather change.


The EU take ABS for standard system in motorcycle in 2016




DISC brake system

The issue between the disc and drum braking system are brake power, J-BUBU equips the big size disc brake and metal hose in front and rear, providing excellent brake feeling and decreasing in braking distance.


Rear adjustable dual suspension

J-BUBU use five step adjustable suspension, it can easily overcome any status and make sure riding situation steadily and comfortably.


The longest and comfortable seat

The longest seat 620mm in length let you sit comfortable with your partner. 



The biggest storage compartment in 22L





Man-Machine Interface Speedometer

J-BUBU adopt MMI indicator that have invented by PGO, it can precisely indicate time、trip、fuel、rpm、ECU information and self-analyst.


12V Power Outlet

12V convenient charge can charge your 3C equipments during the riding.


50mm elongated hook

In the home-front inner box



Electronic speed sensing













Foldable passenger footrest













Fashion Headlight  (DOT ; E-mark)













 LED tail lamp