Engine technology

ALPHAMAX is the new generation sporty scooter developed by PGO, it symbolizes a new starting and evolution in the scooter industry, the ALPHAMAX is built on the best-handling、safety、high performance.
ALPHAMAX equips the 4V engine with oil-cooling system and adopts “Robust Cooling Technology” to increase heat-releasing efficiency and make sure the durability with high-speed in the long-term operation..
The BOSCH new generation injection system with NASA piston makes the air-fuel ratio evenly and raises the smoothness of operation and extends the lifespan of engine.

CBS system


PGO lately developed a new generation of CBS brake system, which interlocks the front and rear brakes. When you press the rear brake, the front brake will be interlocked. It helps the stability of vehicles, shortens the braking distance and prevents the situations of skidding caused by rapid decelerations and locked.




In order to improve the riders’ safety, the government enhances the safety equipment of motorcycles. For those under 125CC, the installation of ABS or CBS Brake System is mandated from the year of 2019.



ALPHAMAX equips the BOSCH injection system and use the ECU to control the stop-go timing precisely. The idle stop system can reduce the emission of CO, HC and CO2 and increase 10% more efficiency of fuel consumption. In the same time, PGO has a patent of “headlight control device” to manage the energy consumption and make sure the life cycle of battery and bulb.




LED Headlight

New design led headlight gives you the best quality and safety driving situation. It also equips led direction light and tail light. It is not only safe but also beautiful.



Rear adjustable dual suspension

ALPHAMAX use five step adjustable suspension, it can easily overcome any status and make sure riding situation steadily and comfortably.


Uni rear rack

The rear rack combines with the tail light to create beautiful and gradational curve. 
It use the aluminum in the inner material to enhance strength of the structure.


Big Size Disc

Use the big size disc at front and rear wheels to improve the brake steadily and efficiently.
                                                              Front disc 245mm                     Rear disc 200mm


Foldable Rear Mirror

The new foldable rear mirror can let you adjust the angle easily, and resolve the problem cause by the accident and impact from the outside.





LCD Speedometer

New design LCD speedometer gives the clear vision for riders. Riders can find the information they need easily.




Saving center stand

LED tail light


Comfortable seat




The biggest storage compartment