PGO: an eco-friendly enterprise

Publish's Date:2016-05-05

PGO: an eco-friendly enterprise


To protect our environment while our enterprise grows is our all time goal.



In the beginning of 2015, we planted 150 pine trees in front of our company. Our CEO Mr. Eddie Wang encourages everyone in our company can spend 10 minutes a day to look after the trees, not only make the environment green but also helps everyone to relief from the stress caused by daily job. And this is a symbol the company grows like the pine trees.

      While all company members of PGO volunteer doing the gardening before/after working hour everyday, everyone learns and shares with each other and coordinated into a better team.




MPI read the demand of alternative energy is getting higher and higher, most of people looking for safe and eco-friendly power supply if available.

From the 1st, Aug, 2011, the 1st roof type Solar Power Generation system was built, Now PGO produces 17.8 billion kw/h yearly, and it contributes to reduce 1,105 tones of CO2 emission which equals to plant 98.9 hectare forest.  



PGO aims to be No. 1 in professional technology, furthermore, as a responsible long-lasting enterprise, not only takes care of your transportation safety, but also bring a better environment to your children.   

PGO go green enterprise video: